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This page provides a list of miscellaneous research material we have available in our Library.

*   Please note that any items marked with an * are not normally kept at our room at Birchwood Chapel, but we can make them available on request if you let us know beforehand they are needed.

Sources are listed under the following categories, and within category by county and by parish.
Counties are in alphabetical order of chapman code.

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Local History Books
 DBY Grandfather's Derbyshire
 DBY Whistling Clough (Novel based on events in Derbyshire), by Walt Unsworth
Ed: this is apparently a historical novel featuring the Derbyshire lead mines. It was published in 1970, and is available from several sources online.
 DBY The Devil's Mill (Novel based on events in Derbyshire), by Walt Unsworth
The book is based on a young man's life in the Derbyshire cotton mills. It was published in 1968.
 DBY Derbyshire Anglican Churches, by I.A.H. Combes
 DBY Derbyshire Armory
 DBY Derbyshire Born ("Rural Middle England as it was"), by John G Smith
Ed: from the publisher's "blurb":
The year is 1942, the British are stoical but fearful, the war could go either way. A boy is born in middle England on a small tenanted farm that might be lost to the Germans. He knows nothing of this nightmare since the early years are idyllic. Hating school and failing the crucial exam, the omens are not good. But he is bright and works hard and against the odds gets an office job aged fifteen and is plunged headlong into an adult world. A world of steam trains and post-war characters. It will take a big push to penetrate the realms of accounting and finance, yet it can be done. A time long gone.
 DBY History of George Brettle Ltd, 1801-1964
 DBY Celtic Derbyshire
 DBY Churches of Derbyshire, by J.C. Cox
 DBY Derbyshire In The Civil War
 DBY Derbyshire Coalfields
 DBY Customs of the Peak District
 DBY Aspects of Dale's Life Through Peace and War
 DBY 'The Centenary of the Mutual Welfare Fund'
Derbyshire Constabulary Commemorative History.
 DBY Elegy of an Edwardian Childhood in Derbyshire, by Lillian Yates Harlow (nee Brocklehurst)
 DBY Feudal History of the County of Derby (selected extracts), by J. Pym Yeatman
 DBY A Sense of Place, Derbyshire in Fiction, by Ruth Gordon
 DBY Grandfather's Derbyshire
 DBY Derbyshire Guide Book
 DBY Derbyshire Peaks and Dales
 DBY William Wooley's Derbyshire, by William Wooley
 DBY Derbyshire Privies
 DBY Derbyshire Within Living Memory, by Derbyshire W.I.
 DBY Derbyshire Lockout - 1833-1834
 DBY Sanderson's Map: Twenty Miles Round Mansfield
 DBY List of Local Newspapers in Derbyshire Libraries
 DBY Notable Churches in Derbyshire
 DBY A Window on John Smedley's World, by J. Margaret Oakes
 DBY Peak District - Bygone Days
 DBY Sketches of the Peak District
 DBY Supernatural Peak District
 DBY Exploring Peak Practice Country
 DBY Walking the Penine Way
 DBY South Derbyshire & Its People
 DBY Place Names of Derbyshire, by Kenneth Cameron
 DBY The Transformation of a Valley, by Brian Cooper
(The Valley of the River Derwent & the Industrial Revolution)
 DBY Derbyshire Village Schools in the 19th Century, by Marion Johnson
 DBY Derbyshire & Peak District Shire Guide
 DBY A Journey in Time Around South Derbyshire
 DBY Mining & Industry in South Derbyshire and North West Leicestershire
 DBY The Courtship Narrative of Leonard WHEATCROFT: Derbyshire Yeoman
 DBY Derbyshire Tithe Files
 DBY Derbys & Notts Weather Book
 DBY Derbyshire, Well Dressing
 DBY Wells and Springs of Derbyshire
 DBY Monument to an Iron Master - William Jessop, by Stuart Saint
 DBYAlfretonWatchorn Memorial Primitive Methodist Church New Item
Robert Watchorn, born in 1858 in Alfreton, began work in the local coal mines. He emigrated to the USA where he made his fortune. He never forgot his native town of Alfreton which benefitted from his success when he sent a good some of money over. Some of this money was used to build the Watchorn Memorial Church, a school, a manse and cottages in memory of his mother.
 DBY The Building of the Cotes Park Tunnel, Alfreton, 1859-1862
 DBY Alfreton in Hanoverian Times, 1780-1837
 DBY The Story of Housing in Alfreton
 DBY A History of Alfreton, by Reginald Johnson
 DBY Alfreton miners, Slaves of the Lamp
 DBY Alfreton Parish Magazine, October 1919
 DBY Around Alfreton - Book of Photographs
 DBY Tudor Alfreton
 DBY Voices from the Past - Alfreton area
 DBYArbor LowArbor Low (Guide)
 DBYAshbourneAshbourne and Dovedale
 DBY The Parish Church of Ashbourne
 DBY Ashbourne, A Georgian County Town, 1725-1825. Volume 1 & 2
 DBY Ashbourne Guide
 DBYAshford in the WaterAshford and Its Church (Guide)
 DBYAshoverAshover Light Railway
 DBY Ashover Memories of Childhood
 DBY Ashover - Saints and Sinners
 DBY Ashover Workhouse - its history & some records
 DBYBakewellAround Bakewell
 DBY Bakewell Parish Church
 DBYBelperChrist Church Belper Book (A Potted History)
 DBY Belper and Its Environs
 DBY Belper & Milford (Images of Engand)
 DBY The STRUTT Family, Belper Benefactors
 DBY Belper, Stackyard Meadow Days
 DBY Harrison of Belper, by Jean Wilson
 DBYBirchinleeBirchinlee, Memories of Tin Town
 DBYBlackwell by AlfretonParish of Blackwell
 DBYBolsoverBolsover Castle (Guide)
 DBY Bolsover District Visitors' Guide
 DBYBonsallBonsall - A Portrait of a Village and its Church
 DBYBorrowash, OckbrookBorrowash in the 1820's
 DBY Ockbrook & Borrowash, Memories
 DBYBrackenfieldBrackenfield Trinity Chapel
 DBYBrassingtonBrassington Forebears, 1700-1900
 DBY Lead & Lead Miners - History of Brassington, by Ron Slack
 DBY Brassington, History, Lands & Lead Miners
 DBYButterleyButterley Brick 200 Years in the Making, by Roy Christian
 DBY Butterley Company Railway Memories
 DBYBuxtonBuxton, St Anne's (A History of the Church)
 DBY Coal Mining In Buxton
 DBY Buxton Guide Book
 DBY Buxton, History of the Town
 DBYCalkeCalke Abbey National Trust Guide
 DBY Over the Hills to Calke
 DBYCastletonPeveril Castle (Leaflet)
 DBY Guide to Castleton
 DBYChaddesdenChaddesden, A History
 DBYChatsworthChatsworth (Guide)
 DBY School Days at Chatsworth
 DBYChesterfieldThe Chesterfield Canal
 DBY 90 Years of Cinema in Chesterfield
 DBY Chesterfield Cricket Club "100 not Out"
 DBY Crooked Spire (Chesterfield)
 DBY History of the Borough of Chesterfield, by J. Pym Yeatman
 DBY Back from the Brink - Captain Percy Sillitoe, by David Beeston
The achievements of Captain Percy Sillitoe, are best remembered as a controversial Director General of MI5 during the early years of the Cold War. Before this eminent position he had previously served as Chief Constable of five different British police forces including Chesterfield (1923-25), Sheffield and Glasgow. This little book will be of value to anyone interested in the history of the British police and to those who have lived in or near the areas where Sillitoe served.
Written by David Beeston (Centre for Continuing Education, University of York) and published by Birchwood Publications, Derbyshire in 2005. (Price 3.50 plus postage) Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the above should contact Margaret Brooksbank (Tel. 01773 604916) (Donated to DARG)
 DBY The Story of Spital, by Lyn Pardo Roques
Ed: This book was published by Merton Priory Press. Quoting briefly from the resume on their website: "Immediately to the east of Chesterfield town centre, on the opposite side of the main railway line that skirts the town, lies a small community that takes its name from a leper hospital founded just outside the borough in the late twelfth century. The hospital was swept away by Henry VIII but, as in many towns, the name survived and was applied initially to a gentry residence built near the site of the hospital."
*DBYClay CrossDriving the Clay Cross Tunnel, by Cliff Williams
 DBYCodnorCodnor Park Forge 1910-1930, by Walter Littlewood
 DBY The Heritage of Codnor, by F.S. Thorpe
*DBY My Village - Old Codnor, by Joseph M. Severn
 DBYCreswellCreswell Colliery Disaster - Details
 DBYCrichCrich - Silver Jubilee Brochure
 DBYDale AbbeyDale Abbey, All Saints Church
 DBY Dale & Its Abbey
 DBY Dale Abbey, History & Guide
 DBYDarley DaleJoseph Whitworth (Darley Dale) - Tool Maker, by T. Kilburn
 DBY Sir Joseph Whitworth "The World's Best Mechanician"
 DBYDenbyJane Massie's Legacy - Denby Free School
 DBY Some Chapters in the History of Denby, by Mark Fryar
Contains parish register transcript 1573-1812.
 DBYDerbyAround Derby, by Alan Champion and Mark Edworthy
This book has been donated to our Library by the publishers and contains nearly 200 old photographs of Derby. Released in July 2003, the book priced at £12.99 is available in Derbyshire Book Shops or from the publishers, Tempus Publishing Ltd. The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Glos. GL5 2QG.
 DBY Life in Bygone Derby
 DBY Derby Cathedral (Guide)
 DBY City of Derby
 DBY Derby China, through the centuries
 DBY Household Almanack 1863-1864 - Derby
 DBY Old Derby (Photographs)
 DBY Tales of a Derby Poacher
 DBY Derby Trams & Buses
 DBY City of Derby, Visitors' Guide
 DBY Derby, West End Story
 DBYDerwentStory of the Lost Villages of Derwent and Ashopton
 DBYDethickCollection of Local History Books of Dethick, Lea and Holloway
Donated by Mr. George Wigglesworth.
 DBYDoveridgeDoveridge Village
 DBYDuffieldDuffield Frith
 DBYErewash ValleyThe Thrill Of It All (Cinemas in the Erewash Valley
 DBYEtwallEtwall, A Portrait of a Derbyshire Village
 DBY Etwall, Historical Facts & Figures
 DBYEyamYear of Wonders (Novel based on events in Derbyshire), by Geraldine Brooks
A fictitious account of the events in Eyam during the outbreak of Plague in 1665. Central figures are Anna Frith and Michael Mompellion. Anna Frith appears to be based on Mary Cooper, and the book suggests a resolution of the mystery of what happened to her after her husband and family were dead, as apparently noone has been able to trace her burial or alleged remarriage. In the book, which was was published in 2001, she has left the village, and is living in the port city of Oran, on the north-west coast of Algeria. [Source: http://yearofwondersrm.wordpress.com/]
 DBY Eyam Parish Church
 DBY Eyam Plague 1665 -1666
 DBYFairfieldFairfield Parish History
 DBYForemarkA Short History of Foremark
 DBYFritchleyThe Quakers of Fritchley, by Walter Lowndes
 DBYHaddonGuide to Haddon Hall
 DBYHardwick, Ault HucknallHardwick Hall (Guide)
 DBY A Look at Hardwick Hall
 DBYHaslandHasland Over The Years
 DBY St Paul's Church, Hasland
 DBYHathersageHathersage, Its People & Traditions
 DBY Tales of Hathersage & Its People
 DBYHayfieldHayfield, St Matthew's Church
 DBYHazelwood, DuffieldHazelwood
 DBY Hazelwood in Royal Forest of Duffield, by Herbert Swift
 DBYHeageHeage Hall - The Haunted House, by Dr. Gordon Gadsby
 DBYHeanorHistory of Heanor Grammar School
*DBY Mining in the Heanor Area, by Heanor & District Local History Society
All names indexed.
 DBY Two Centuries of Transport in the Heanor area
 DBY Then & Now Part 1. The Changing Face of Heanor Town Centre
 DBYHolbrookThe Story of Holbrook
 DBYHolymoorside, BramptonSecrets of Holymoorside and Walton Stones
*DBYHopeHope - Notes from a Peakland Parish, by William Smith Porter
 DBYHope ValleyHope Valley and The High Peak
 DBYHorsleyHorsley, Diaries of Henry Hill, Slackfields Farm 1872-1896
 DBY Horsley Thro The Ages
 DBY Horsley, Notes on the Parish
 DBYIlkestonPut that light out - Ilkeston at War 1939-1941
 DBY Ilkeston Families, by Stephen Flinders
 DBY Ilkeston, A Backward Glance, by Jean Barbel
 DBY A Backward Glance - Memories of Ilkeston
 DBY Ilkeston, Street Names
 DBY A Taste of Tudor Ilkeston, by Stephen Flinders
 DBY Black Diamonds, Yellow Apples - A working class Ilkeston childhood
 DBYIronvilleIronville & Codnor Park Primary School, 1850-1990
 DBYKedlestonKedleston Hall National Trust Guide
 DBYKirk IretonKirk Ireton (Spirit of) Photographs
 DBY Kirk Ireton, Spirit of
 DBYLangley MillThen and Now, part 2, Langley Mill
 DBYLittle EatonBy Little Eaton Waters
 DBYLittleoverLittleover and its Church
 DBYLongstoneLongstone, Aspect of the 19th Century
 DBYMatlock BathOfficial Guide 1921-1922 (Matlock and Bakewell Health Resorts)
 DBYMeashamMeasham in Focus (Photographs)
 DBYMelbourneMelbourne Church Guide
 DBY Melbourne Hall Guide
 DBYMilfordMilford and Makeney Milestones
 DBYMorleyMorley, St Matthew's (A history of the Church)
 DBY Morley Parish History
 DBY Morley Parish Records (Notes on)
 DBYNewboldEyre Chapel, Newbold
 DBY Building a Parish - Newbold
 DBYNorburyThe Parish Church of Norbury
 DBYNortonNorton and the Chantrey Story
Ed: Francis Chantrey, artist and sculptor, was born in Norton, in 1781.
 DBYOckbrookOckbrook in the 1820's
 DBY Ockbrook, All Saints, a History
 DBY Ockbrook & Its Parson, Samuel Hey, 1810-1852
 DBY Ockbrook, Lands of the Manor
 DBY Ockbrook, James Montgomery, connections with village 1771-1854
 DBY 100 years and More - The story of Methodism in Borrowash & Ockbrook
 DBY Ockbrook Moravian Church and Settlement, 1750
 DBY Ockbrook Postcards
 DBY Ockbrook School Magazine, 1959
 DBY Ockbrook, Yeomen of Elizathan era
 DBYPeak DalePeak Dale - More Than Just Dust
 DBYPeak DistrictMoor Memories From The Peak District (The Moorlands)
 DBYPentrichThe Pentrich Rising
 DBY The Making of a Radical (Pentrich)
 DBYPinxtonCOKE family of Trusley and Pinxton
 DBY Childhood Days in Pinxton, by George Sheldon
 DBY Parish Magazines, 1948-1953
 DBYPleasleyPleasley - Roll of Honour (Nottinghamshire?)
 DBYReptonRepton Church
 DBY Repton School, 1557-1957
 DBYRiddingsRiddings Baptist Church, by William Shawcroft
 DBY William Shawcroft - Riddings Baptist Chapel
 DBY Story of Riddings Church Windows
 DBY Pits of James Oakes Company
 DBY A Short History of Riddings, by Thomas H. Oakes
 DBY Early Riddings As Seen Through Old Records
 DBY Early Riddings Through Old Records
 DBY A Village Walk - Riddings
 DBYRipleyJubilee History of the Ripley Cooperation Society, 1860-1910
 DBY Ripley and Codnor (Book of Photographs)
 DBY Ripley, Heage & Ambergate
 DBY Ripley & District, The War Effort
 DBYScarsdaleScarsdale Miscellany
 DBYShardlowShardlow's Past
 DBY Waterways in View - Shardlow (Photographs)
 DBYShipleyShipley Hall - The Gardens of
*DBYShirebrookShirebrook Notes (Derbyshire Miscellany, Spring 1995), by Charles Crapper
 DBYShottleShottle (A Short History)
 DBYSmalleySmalley Church Bells
 DBY Smalley, History & Legends, by Rev. C. Kerry.
 DBY Footsteps Through Smalley, by J. Crofts & J. Read
 DBY Smalley Remembered
 DBYSomercotesSomercotes Before 1851
 DBY Birchwood Chapel, 1853-1925 New Item
The early history of the United Wesleyan Methodist Free Church of Birchwood.
 DBY Muckram and Shady Colliery
 DBY Somercotes, Growing Pains
 DBY Penny Town Ponds (Somercotes) Project
 DBY Somercotes (Minutes of Secondary School 1952-1966)
 DBY Somercotes, An Industrial Corridor Through A Community
 DBYSouth DarleySouth Darley (Parish at War)
 DBYSouth NormantonDerbyshire Life - South Normanton
 DBY South Normanton in The Great War
 DBY Naylor's Bus Co. South Normanton
 DBY Parish Magazines, 1960-1965
*DBY The Revell Family of Carnfield, by C.J. Williams
Note: Carnfield Hall, according to the entry for South Normanton in The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) was the seat of the Revell family, and its principal residence. At the time the Gazetteer was printed, Thomas Radford, Esq., was lord of the manor.
 DBY South Normanton Roll of Honour WWI
 DBY South Normanton in Stuart Times, 1603-1714, by Joy Chantry
 DBY South Normanton, A Village of Considerable Extent
 DBY A Derbyshire Town Remembered, South Normanton
 DBYSouth WingfieldWingfield Manor
 DBY Wingfield Manor In The Civil War
 DBYSpondonSpondon, A History
*DBY Memories of Spondon, by Guy Brighouse
 DBYStantonBygone Stanton
 DBY Stanton Gone But Not Forgotten - Ironworks
 DBYStanton by YoulgreaveStanton in the Peak, by Daniel Holmes
 DBYSudburySudbury Hall
 DBY Sudbury Hall Book
 DBYSwadlincoteDancing Through Time, Burton and Swadlincote Area
 DBYSwanwickSwanwick as seen through Old Records
 DBY Swanwick Collieries List of Pits
 DBY Swanwick Particular Baptists, 1794-1837 (an account)
 DBY The Story of Swanwick Hall
 DBY Swanwick, Story of our Village, 1304-2010
 DBY Swanwick Hall and the Wood family
 DBYTansleyTansley Remembered
 DBYTemple NormantonA Thousand Years of History - Temple Normanton
 DBYTideswellGuide to Tideswell
 DBYTissingtonTissington (Guide)
 DBYTrusleyCOKE family of Trusley and Pinxton
 DBYUnderwoodUnderwood and Its School
 DBYWest HallamWest Hallam - History, by Brenda Hunt
 DBYWhaley BridgeWhaley Bridge - Coal Mining
 DBYWhittingtonHistory of the Norman Church - Whittington, by Trevor Nurse
 DBY History of Whittington Parish, by Ellis A. Crompton
 DBYWirksworthGorsey Bank Mill, Wirksworth
 DBY Gorsey Bank Mill, 1750-1950 (Tape Spinning Mill) New Item
*DBY O'er Back of the Hillock - Reminiscences of The Dale & Greenhill, by J. Doxey
 DBYYoulgreaveYoulgreave Parish Church Guide
 DORBournemouthBournemouth, Old Guide
 ENG Walking & Exploring the Battlefields of Britain
 ENG "The Colliers' Spurgeon", or Life of Matthew Hayes, by Matthew Wheeler
 ENG Tracing the History of your House
 ENG The Town Labourer 1760-1832 - Labouring life in Victorian Countryside
 ENG Reading Latin Epitaphs
 ENG Precious Memories, by Fred Hall
 ENG The Middle Class (a History)
 ENG Old Inland Waterways, by Euan Corrie
 ENG Edwardian Childhood - Old Picture Postcards
 ENG Ration Book Recipes
 ENG Who's Who, 1961
 ENG Yeoman Families and Their Pedigrees
 ERYDriffieldDriffield Town Guide Street Map
 KENBexleyBexley Heath and Welling Pictorial History
 LANManchesterManchester, Lancaster and North Cheshire, 1840-1912
 LEI Leicestershire County Cricket Club, 100 Great Players
 LEI Leicester and Rutland Village Book
 LEIBelvoirGuide to Belvoir Castle
 LEICastle DoningtonInn and Taverns of Castle Donington
 LEIStaunton HaroldStaunton Harold Church Guide - National Trust
 LEISwinfordStanford Hall
Ed: According to The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868), Stanford Hall is in the parish of Swinford. At that time, the Baroness de Braye of Stanford Hall was lady of the manor.
 LIN Lincolnshire Churches
 LND London Churches
 LND Guide To The London Museum
 NRYKirkby MalhamdaleMaldham Guide
Ed: there is apparently no place called "Maldham". Malham is the nearest I found.
 NTT Old Broadmarsh and Narrowmarsh
 NTT Churches of Southwell & Nottingham Diocese New Item
 NTT Nottingham Coalfield 1881-1981.
 NTT Nottinghamshire Collieries
 NTT Nottingham Curiosities
 NTT Hidden Nottingham / Upton By Southwell, 1600 -1666
 NTT Hidden Places of Nottinghamshire / Nottinghamshire's Hidden Places
 NTT Nottinghamshire's Industrial Heritage
 NTT Sanderson's Map: Twenty Miles Round Mansfield
 NTT Nottinghamshire Miners 1914-1944.
 NTT Old Nottinghamshire Remembered
 NTT Victorian Nottingham in Pictures
 NTT Nottinghamshire Village Book
 NTT Nottinghamshire, A Visitors' Guide
 NTTAnnesleyThe Hills of Annesley
 NTTArnoldArnold in Them Days, 1893-1989
 NTTBagthorpeTimes Remembered in Bagthorpe & Underwood, by Ztan Zmith
 NTTBrinsleyBrinsley - Men & Mayhem
 NTT Brinsley Pubs
 NTT Brinsley Down to Earth, by Ztan Zmith
 NTT Brinsley - Way Back
 NTTEdwinstoweThoresby Hall
 NTTHicklingHickling - St Luke's Church Grounds
 NTT St Luke's Church, Hickling, Notts.
 NTTKirkby in AshfieldKirkby in Ashfield and Annesley
 NTT Kirkby in Ashfield Church & Chapel
 NTT Life On The Farm, Kirkby in Ashfield, by Pte. K. Scott
 NTT Kirkby in Ashfield, Pictorial View
 NTTMansfieldStitches in Time - History of Hosiery in the Mansfield area
 NTT Mansfield Local Dignitaries
 NTT Mansfield's Millenium
 NTT Mansfield's Industrial History - Mines to Mills
 NTT Mansfield's Industrial History - Nag's Head and King's Arms
 NTTNottinghamBENDIGO, The Pride of Nottingham
 NTT Old Broadmarsh and Narrowmarsh
Ed: Broadmarsh and Narrowmarsh are areas (streets?) in Nottingham.
 NTT Nottingham Castles
 NTT Nottingham in the Civil War
 NTT Story of Nottingham Lace - "Don't Be Late on Monday"
 NTT Nottingham Suburbs
 NTTOld HucknallTurning Back the Pages in Old Hucknall
 NTTPapplewickPapplewick Pumping Station
 NTTRadfordRadford Colliery
 NTTRuddingtonRuddington Framework Knitters' Trail
 NTTSelstonUnderwood & Bagthorpe Remembered
 NTT Selston Victorians
 NTT Selston 1913 "End of an Era"
 NTTSouthwellThe Workhouse at Southwell
 NTTSutton in Ashfield[Sutton in] Ashfield Historian
 NTT Sutton in Ashfield - A Pictorial View
 NTT [Sutton in] Ashfield's Ancient Place Names
 NTT "It Wer' Different Then" (Sutton Living Memory Group)
 NTTUnderwoodEugene Di VILLA, by Ztan Zmith
Ed: Eugene was born Alwyn John Rees in London in 1931, but changed his name by Deed Poll in 1959 to Di Villa. He served on Selston Parish Council, representing Underwood from 1981 until his death in December 2010, and was well liked locally. He is buried in St Michael's (Underwood) Churchyard.
 NTT Underwood - The Life of a Village
 NTT Times Remembered in Bagthorpe & Underwood, by Ztan Zmith
 NTTWollatonWollaton Hall
 OXFStantonStanton, St John, Church Guide
 SALTelfordTelford - A Pictorial History and Ironbridge Gorge
 STS Staffordshire - Book of Old Photographs
 STSDraytonDrayton Dynasty (Staffs)
 STSEctonCopper and Lead Mines of Ecton Hill
 STSHamstall RidwareHamstall Ridware, a Village in Staffordshire, by R.F. Elton
Includes transcripts of Parish Registers.
 STSTutburyTutbury Castle Guide
 WARCoventryGuide to Coventry Cathedral
 WMD The West Midlands Within Living Memory
 WMD Workhouses of the Midlands (from "Images" magazine)
 WORGreat WitleyWitley Court - English Heritage
 WRYBradfieldAround Bradfield, Loxley and Hillsborough
 YKS Yorkshire Coast
 YKS Yorkshire Place Names
 YKSDriffieldA Yorkshire Town - Driffield in 1871
 YKSHaworthHaworth and The BRONTES
 YKSPickeringA Boyhood Pickering
 YKSRiponGuide to Ripon Cathedral
 YKSSheffieldHistory of Sheffield
 YKS Sheffield Manor Lodge - An Introduction
 YKSYorkCastle House Museum - York
 YKS Treasurer's House - York

Reference Sources
   My Ancestor was a Baptist
   My Ancestors were Congregationalists
   Ancestral Trails, by Mark Herber
   Who do you think you are, by Dan Waddell
   Discovering Brasses (Shire Book)
   Records of the Militia and Volunteer Forces, 1757-1945
   Library of Trades 1811-1818
   Making the Connection, Railway Records
 BDF The King's England - Bedfordshire and Huntington, by Arthur Mee
 BKM The King's England - Buckinghamshire, by Arthur Mee
 BKM Pigot's 1830, Buckinghamshire
 BRK The King's England - Berkshire, by Arthur Mee
 BRK Pigot's 1830, Berkshire
 CAM The King's England - Cambridgeshire, by Arthur Mee
 CAM Pigot's 1830, Cambridgeshire
 CHS The King's England - Cheshire, by Arthur Mee
 CHS Pigot's 1828-9 Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire
 DBY Derbyshire Archaelogical Journal
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 DBY Hanged For a Sheep - Crime in Bygone Derbyshire, by E.G. Power
 DBY Free & Voluntary Present, 1661
*DBY Gamekeepers Licensed at Quarter Sessions, 1817-1849
*DBY Licenced Innkeepers & Alehouse Keepers, 1753, 1810, 1827
*DBY Licences of Inns & Alehouses for Blackwell, Pinxton & South Normanton
Covers the period 1753-1827.
 DBY Kelly's 1881 Derbyshire
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published by the Peak District Mines Historical Society.
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 DBY Tithe Maps in Derbyshire Record Office
 DBY Mansfield Union (Derbys only), selected records
Hospital Register 1903-1906; Births in Workhouse 1866-1891; Admission register 1888-1891.
 DBY Village Atlas - Derbys., Notts, & Leics. 1834-1904
 DBY Derbyshire Visitation, 1662-1664
 DBY Visitation Returns From The Archdeaconry of Derby 1718-1824
 DBY White's 1857 Derbyshire
 DBYAlderwasleyAlderwasley Tithe Award 1841 (index only)
 DBYAlfretonAlfreton Church Magazines - extracts
Christenings, Marriages and Funerals for the period 1977-1991 (some missing).
 DBY Alfreton Enclosure Award - 1813
 DBY Alfreton Enclosure Award, 1830
*DBY Jackson's 1900 - Alfreton, Somercotes & South Normanton
*DBY Alfreton & South Normanton Methodist Circuit list of members 1894
*DBY Alfreton Methodist Free Church
Names of offices, teachers & scholars of Sunday School 1865.
 DBY Selected Newspaper Cuttings, mainly from the Alfreton Echo (1980's)
The Alfreton Echo also covers the Amber Valley. Cuttings are of photographs of School classes, Works and Events, &c. We are willing to search for any names which may appear. Many photographs date from the 1950's.
 DBY Alfreton Overseer's Accounts
*DBY Alfreton Park Street Methodist Free Church - Church Register 1865-1900
 DBY Alfreton District - Policeman's Journal, 1874-1877
Plus newspaper cuttings 1890-1919.
 DBY Alfreton Polling District 1836-9, 1841-2, 1844-5
 DBY Alfreton - Settlement Certificates, 1699-1835
 DBY Alfreton - Survey of the Parish, with maps and schedule, dated 1811
 DBY Alfreton Tithe Award, 1847
 DBY Alfreton Area 1848 Trade Directory
 DBY Alfreton United Reformed Church Deed Box Contents
Including list of members 1851-1892, 1924 onwards.
 DBY Alfreton Watchorn Methodist Chapel Opening Ceremony
 DBYAshoverAshover Uppertown School Records, 1882-1947
 DBYBelperMormon Church Records for Belper and Swanwick
 DBY List of names of Mormons from Swanwick, Somercotes and Belper
*DBY Belper - Recipes & Donations St Peter's Church 1910
 DBY Belper, St John's Chapel, The Life of a Church and a Community
 DBY Belper Tithe Award, 1842
*DBY Belper Union Workhouse Admissions & Discharges Sep 1840-Jan 1843
*DBYBirchwood, SomercotesBirchwood Methodist Chapel
Teachers' Minutes Book 1860-1908. Trustees' Minute Book 1874-1906.
 DBY Birchwood School Records, 1857-1859, 1865-1878
 DBYBlackwell by AlfretonBlackwell Colliery Memorial Book
 DBY Blackwell Rural District Council Minutes 1837-1839
 DBY Blackwell Parish Magazines 1973-87, plus oddments
 DBY Blackwell Tithe Award, 1839
 DBYBrackenfieldBrackenfield School Records 1890-1954
 DBYBrimingtonBrimington - List of Churchwardens, 1559-1635
 DBYChapel en le FrithThe Diary of James Clegg, 1708-55, by Vanessa S. Doe (ed)
the Dissenting Minister of Chapel-en-le-Frith. DARG's Library has all three Volumes.
 DBY Chapel-en-le-Frith: Sale of Seat Levies, 1736
 DBYChatsworthChatsworth Estate: William Hodkin's Diary, 1864-1866
 DBYChesterfieldChesterfield Canal Boat Register
 DBY Chesterfield Canal Boat Register, 1877
 DBY George STEPHENSON, by Hunter Davies
Ed: this is, I assume, the railway pioneer and inventor, and a former resident of Tapton House, Chesterfield. He was born in 1781 and died in 1848.
 DBY Chesterfield Workhouse Discharges, 1843-1860
 DBYCodnorCodnor & District's Fallen Heroes of WW1
 DBYDarleyDarley Tithe Award, 1839
 DBYDarley AbbeyDarley Abbey, From Monastery to Industrial Community
 DBYDerbyDerby Borough Rentals, 1729
 DBY Abstract of Title of Derby Freehold Land Society
to land in St Peter's, Derby & Normanton 1901.
 DBY Momentus Years: Rise and Fall of the Derby Hebrew Congregation 1899-1986, by David Beeston
 DBY Obituaries and Death Notices from the Derby Mercury, 1806-1810
 DBY Obituaries from the Derby Mercury, 1800-1805
 DBY Derby Royal Infirmary Deaths, 1855-1868, 1882-1891
 DBY Derby, All Saints - Settlement Certificates, 1697-1833
 DBYDoreWills from Dore and Totley, 1539-1747
 DBYGrindlefordPadley Chapel
 DBYHardwick, Ault HucknallHardwick Inn: Life at - 1880-1883
 DBY Hardwick Workers, 1580s-1590s
*DBYHathersageHathersage Roll of Honour of 2 World Wars
 DBYHeageHeage Tithe Award, 1842
 DBYHeanorHeanor Street Names
 DBYHeathHeath, 1540-1604
Ed: I am not sure whether these extracts are of Wills for the parish of Heath, or for those with the Heath surname.
 DBYIlkeston"Primrose & Poppy"
The Story of Omnibus Operators in Ilkeston, Heanor and Long Eaton areas.
 DBYIronvilleJessop Monument (Ironville)
 DBYKnivetonThe Kniveton Leiger vol. 7, by Avron Saltman (Hist.MSS Commission)
Ed: this is a 14th century Leiger (register) of deeds and other records of the Kniveton family, published by HMSO, 1977. Apparently the text is reproduced in the original Latin.
 DBYLoscoeJoseph Hutsby's Diary
dealing with his life as a coal pit official at Loscoe from 1841 to 1846.
*DBY Indenture Sale of Property at Loscoe, 1771
 DBYMarpoolRhymes of a Marlpool Miner, "Strong I'th Arm"
 DBYMelbourneMelbourne - Settlement Certificates, 1697-1833
 DBYMortonMorton Tithe Award, 1843
 DBYNew MillsWills of New Mills, 1540-1852
 DBYNew WhittingtonWorld War One: Where They Rest in Belgium: New Whittington's Fallen New Item
 DBYNorthNorth Wingfield Tithe Award, 1842
 DBYNorth WingfieldOld Newspaper Cuttings, North Wingfield & District
 DBYPentrichPentrich: Extract from Churchwardens' Accounts, 1665-1800
 DBY Pentrich Tithe Award, 1843
*DBYPinxtonSome Employees of Pinxton Pottery
 DBY Pinxton - Joseph Knighton's Book
 DBY Pinxton Will Book, 1539-1600
 DBY The Mansfield & Pinxton Railway
*DBY Pinxton Tithe Award, 1839 (including map)
 DBY Pinxton: Extracts from Trade Directories, 1827-1941
 DBY Pinxton Heroes (War Memorial)
 DBYReptonRepton - some names from Churchwardens' Accounts, 1583-1622
*DBYRipleyRipley - Poor Rate 1822 including additions to 1825
 DBYScarsdaleScarsdale Coronors' Claims, 1752-1800
 DBYShipleyNames from Shipley & Cotmanhay Boys' School, 1877-1885
Ed: Kelly's Directory of 1891 tells us that Shipley & Cotmanhay National School was established in 1842 by the late lord of the manor & rebuilt in 1859, for 205 boys.
 DBYShirlandShirland Tithe Award, 1839
 DBYSomercotesMuckrum, The People and Shady Colliery
Shady Colliery (also known as New Birchwood), sunk in 1838, was to become a major "player" in this mining area.
 DBY PARNHAMS of Somercotes
 DBY List of names of Mormons from Swanwick, Somercotes and Belper
*DBY Leabrooks (Somercotes), United Reformed Church - Members 1895
 DBY Lest We Forget - Somercotes War Memorial
 DBY Somercotes War Memorial
*DBYSouth NormantonSouth Normanton Enclosure Award
*DBY Kelly's 1899 - South Normanton
 DBY South Normanton Land Tax, 1832
 DBY South Normanton Parish Magazines 1879-1882
 DBY South Normanton Rate for Special Expences, 1900
 DBY Edward Revel's Notebook 1566-1584 (of South Normanton) - Transcript
 DBY South Normanton School Board Minutes, 1876-1891 & 1895-1899
 DBY South Normanton, Selected Records
Bastardy Bonds, 1748-1875; Removal Orders 1731-1835; Settlement Certificates 1699-1820; Apprenticeship Indentures 1732-1828.
*DBY South Normanton Tithe Award, 1840 (including map)
 DBY South Normanton Vestry Records, 1754-1849
 DBYStaveleyStaveley Coal and Iron Company Reports 1865-1892
 DBYSwanwickList of names of Mormons from Swanwick, Somercotes and Belper
 DBYTibshelfList of Burials undertaken by Smiths, builders of Rock House, Tibshelf
Covers the period 1920-1935.
*DBY Tibshelf List of Churchwardens, 1736-1798
 DBY Tibshelf Land Tax, 1792
 DBY Tibshelf Overseers Papers (fiche)
*DBY Tibshelf Tithe Award (including map)
 DBYTicknallTicknall Reflections
 DBYWest HallamMining in West Hallam
 DBYWhitfield, GlossopWhitfield and Glossop Pew Rents - 1917 and 1919-1920
 DBYWingerworthHardwick Colliery Co, Ltd.
 DBYWirksworthFreeholders of Wirksworth, c1570
 DBY Wirksworth St Mary the Virgin Guide
 DBY Wirksworth Tithe Award, 1848-9 (index only)
 DBYYoulgreaveOverseers' Accounts 1713
 DOR The King's England - Dorset, by Arthur Mee
 DOR The King's England - Dorset, by Arthur Mee
 ENG Collieries of Great Britain, A to Z
 ENG "Country of My Heart", by D.H. Lawrence
 ENG Illustrated History of England, by John Burke
 ENG Freemasons Year Book, 2006-2007
 ENG The Lawrences (The D.H. Lawrence family in Books), by Nathaniel Harris
 ENG The County Maps of Old England
 ENG Pre 1841 Census Listings
 ENG The Oxford Book of English Surnames
 ENG Telephone Directories, 1989
Burton on Trent, Glasgow, Leicester & District, Oxford & District, Wolverhampton & District.
 ENG The Victorian Undertaker, by Trevor May, Shire Publications
 ENG The Long Weekend
"Working Class Couples Involvement in the Spanish Civil War".
 ENG Who's Buried Where in England, by Douglas Greenwood
 ERY Yorks, East Riding, 1672 Hearth Tax
 GLS The King's England - Gloucestershire, by Arthur Mee
 GLS Pigot's 1830, Gloucestershire
 HAM Pigot's 1830, Hampshire
 HUN The King's England - Bedfordshire and Huntington, by Arthur Mee
 KEN Pigot's 1939, Kent
 LANLiverpoolLiverpool: Volunteers, 1759-1803
 LANManchesterCulcheth, Manchester, Workhouse 1834-1836
 LEI Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Absconders Index (?)
 LEI Leicester & Nottingham Absconders Index 1759-1825
 LEI Chapels & Meeting Houses in Leics. & Rutland
 LEI Medieval Church Carvings in Leicestershire & Rutland
 LEI Memories of Country Life in Leicestershire & Yorkshire
 LEI River Soar, Old Photos
 LEI Place Names of Leics. & Rutland
 LEI Poets England, Leics. & Rutland
 LEI Post Office Directory: Derbys, Notts, Leicestershire & Rutland, 1876
 LEI Footpath Rambles in Leicestershire
 LEI Standing Stones of Leics, & Rutland
 LEI Touring Leicestershire
 LEI Village Atlas - Derbys., Notts, & Leics. 1834-1904
 LEIBelvoirBelvoir, The Vale of
 LEIBlabyBlaby Burial Index 1568-1901 (fiche)
 LEIEvingtonEvington Probate Inventories, 1557-1819
 LEILeicesterDiscovering Leicester
 LEI Records of the Borough of Leicester, 1685-1835
 LEI Life in Victorian Leicester
 LEILutterworthLutterworth, Illustrated Booklet
 LEIQuorndonQuorn: Rate Payers, April 13, 1816
 LEIRatbyRatby Probate Inventories, 1621-1844
 LEIWigstanWigstan F.W.K. Museum
 LIN Kelly's 1975 Directory Lincolnshire
 LIN The King's England - Lincolnshire, by Arthur Mee
 LND The King's England - London, by Arthur Mee
 LNDLondonIndex to Maps and Streets of London
 NFK Pigot's 1830, Norfolk
 NRY Yorks, North Riding, 1673 Hearth Tax
 NRYEast WittonJervaulx Abbey
 NTH The King's England - Northamptonshire, by Arthur Mee
 NTT Nottinghamshire, 100 Years of
 NTT Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Absconders Index (?)
 NTT Leicester & Nottingham Absconders Index 1759-1825
 NTT Nottinghamshire Christmas
*NTT Notts Free Press - some Articles 1887, 1900, 1914, 1915
 NTT Claims of Freemen (Nottinghamshire) 1850-1882
 NTT Kelly's 1881 Nottinghamshire
 NTT Kelly's 1941 Nottinghamshire
 NTT The King's England - Nottinghamshire, by Arthur Mee
 NTT List of Derbyshire people in Nottingham Marriage Licences, 1754-1770
 NTT Derbyshire People Married in Nottinghamshire, by Phillimore
 NTT Nottinghamshire Miscellany - Volumes 1-4, 6-9, 12-19
 NTT Morris's 1869 Nottinghamshire
 NTT Orange's 1840 Nottinghamshire
 NTT Paupers in Nottinghamshire, 1860
 NTT Pigot's 1828-9 Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire
 NTT Pigot's 1830, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire
 NTT Post Office Directory: Derbys, Notts, Leicestershire & Rutland, 1876
 NTT Notts. Post - Time Gentlemen Please
 NTT Village Atlas - Derbys., Notts, & Leics. 1834-1904
 NTT Freemen & Non Freemen Voters of St Mary's, Nottingham, 1853
 NTT Nottinghamshire Family History - Watch & Ward Lists 1812-1816
 NTT White's 1864 Nottinghamshire
 NTTBasfordBasford Union Apprenticeship Indentures, 1845-1895
Where either apprentice or master is from Derbyshire, 1845-1895.
 NTT Basford Union Workhouse (Derbys only), 1854-1857
Admissions & Discharges April 1854 - March 1857.
 NTTCuckneyCuckney (Ancient Village)
 NTTEast LeakeEast Leake Families
 NTTEdwinstoweThoresby Hall
Ed: Thoresby Hall is in Edwinstowe parish.
 NTTGranbyGranby and Sutton Photographs
 NTTGreasleyRodalph, Baron von Hube, Vicar of Greasley, 1866-1907
 NTTHucknallHucknall - Byron
 NTT Hucknall Old Postcard
 NTT Hucknall Old Street Map
 NTTMansfieldMansfield, From Mills to Miners
 NTT Settlement & Examination Certificates in Mansfield 1726-1842
 NTTNewarkNewark - Ghosts & Legends
 NTTNewstead AbbeyNewstead Abbey
 NTTNottinghamKelly's Street Directory, Nottingham City & West Bridgford, 1950
 NTT Nottingham, A Place of Execution
 NTTSelstonSelston Rate Book
 NTTSouthwellEaster Books - Southwell Minster M.I. - Rate Payers (Part I)
 NTTSutton in AshfieldSutton in Ashfield, Ghosts Around
 NTT Sutton in Ashfield, History of
 NTTTeveralTeversal - Story of
 NTTWest LeakeWest Leake, Manor of, 1750-1900
 NTTWorksopThe Dukeries
 OXF Pigot's 1830, Oxford
 RUT Post Office Directory: Derbys, Notts, Leicestershire & Rutland, 1876
 SAL Pigot's 1828 & 1830, Shropshire
 SAL Pigot's 1828-9 Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire
 SFK Pigot's 1830, Suffolk
 SRY The King's England - Surrey, by Arthur Mee
 SRY Pigot's 1939, Surrey
 SSX The King's England - Sussex, by Arthur Mee
 SSX Pigot's 1939, Sussex
 STS Return for Owners of Land, 1873 Staffordshire
 STSCheadle BulkeleyCheadle Bulkeley Vestry Minutes, 1827-1829
 STSLichfieldLichfield Cathedral Guide
 STSTamworthTamworth Early Families
 STSWest BromwichNon Conformity in West Bromwich
 WAR Wills from Shakespeare's Town and Time New Item
 WOR The King's England - Worcestershire, by Arthur Mee
 WRYBradfordBradford Industrial Museum
 WRYSheffieldFulwood Cottage Homes, Poor Children of Sheffield
 WRYWakefieldWakefield Polling District, 1861
 YKS Yorkshire Craftsmen at Work
 YKS Yorkshire Greats
 YKS Memories of Country Life in Leicestershire & Yorkshire
 YKS Yorkshire Millennium Fact Book
 YKS Pigot's 1830, Yorkshire
 YKS Textile Districts in Yorks, 1849

Other County Registers
 BKMDatchetDatchet Parish Registers - Bap 1559-1847, Mar 1653-1812
 CAMBottishamBottisham General Register - 1561-1855 (fiche)
 ERYSculcoatesSculcoates - Bap 1772-1789; Bur 1772-1831
 HAM Phillimore's Marriages
 LANLiverpoolLiverpool: Sefton Hall Chapel - 1743-1793
 LEC Marriage Index 1538-1754; 1801-1837 (fiche)
 LECSilebySileby Parish Registers - 1683-1876 (fiche)
 LECWillesleyWillesley Parish Registers - 1677-1868 (fiche)
 LINBrant BroughtonBrant Broughton
Gen Reg. 1710-1753; Bapt. 1754-1887; Marr. 1754-1981; Bur. 1754-1846
 LINNorton DisneyNorton Disney - All, 1578-1983
 LNDHolbornHolborn, Holy Trinity - Bur 1839-1856 (fiche)
 LNDHornseyHornsey, Holy Trinity - Mar 1686-1692 (fiche)
 LND Hornsey, Clerkenwell Settlement Certificates (fiche)
 LNDLondonSt Martin in the Field - Bur 1806-1856 (fiche)
 LND Wesleyan Chapel City Road - Bur 1799-1854 (fiche)
 MDX Non-Conformist Register pre 1837 (fiche)
 NTT Marriage Index Volume 23
 NTT Nottinghamshire Marriage Index 1700-1812
 NTT Nottinghamshire Marriage Index Vol. 84
 NTTBadsworthBadsworth - Bur (CDROM)
 NTTBasfordBasford, St Leodagarius - Bap 1662-1901 (fiche)
 NTTHucknallHucknall Marriages 1840-1900
 NTTMansfieldMansfield & Hucknall - Marriage Index 1813-1837
 NTT Mansfield, St John - Mar 1857-1900 (fiche)
 NTT Mansfield, St Mark - Mar 1897-1901 (fiche)
 NTTNewarkNewark - Marriages (CDROM)
 NTTNottinghamNottingham, All Saints - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTT Nottingham, Emmanuel - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTT Nottingham, Holy Trinity - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTT Nottingham, St Ann - Bap 1854-1902 (fiche)
 NTT Nottingham, St Catherine - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTT Nottingham, St George - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTT Nottingham, St Mark - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTT Nottingham, St Mary - Bap 1653-1901 (fiche)
 NTT Nottingham, St Mary - Baptisms Index 1723/4-1757
 NTT Nottingham, St Mary - Mar 1566-1813 (fiche)
 NTT Nottingham, St Nicholas - Bap 1813-1901 (fiche)
 NTT Nottingham, St Nicholas - Mar 1562-1812 (fiche)
 NTT Nottingham, St Peter - Mar 1572-1812 (fiche)
 NTT Nottingham, St Thomas - 19th Century Baptisms
 NTTRadfordRadford, St Peter - Bap 1563-1900 (fiche)
 NTTSelstonSelston Marriages of Derbyshire People 1813 - 1859
 RUT Marriage Index 1754-1837 (fiche)
 STSAldridgeAldridge Parish Registers, 1771-1900
 STSAlrewasAlrewas, All Saints - Gen. Reg. 1671-1795
 STSAlrewashAlrewas, All Saints - Gen. Reg. 1795-1867
 STSAltonAlton - All, 1676-1758
 STSAudleyAudley, St James the Great, 1538-1712 (All)
 STSBiddulphBiddulph, 1558-1684 (All)
 STSBobbingtonHoly Cross - Baps, Mar & Burs, 1571-1837
 STSBradleyBradley, General Register - 1538-1779
 STSBramshallBramshall, St Lawrence General Register - 1587-1900
 STSBrierley HillBrierley Hill, 1776-1800 (Baps & Burs)
 STS Brierley Hill - All, 1766-1800
 STS Brierley Hill - Bap 1813-1837; Bur 1813-1837
 STSBroomeBroome, St Peter - Parish Registers 1613 - 1850
 STSBurslemBurslem - Mar 1830-1833
 STSBurton on TrentBurton-on-Trent, St Modwen - Mar 1790-1837
 STSButterton, MayfieldButterton in the Peak, St Bartholomew - B.Ts. 1660-1751
 STSCaverswallCaverswall - All, 1552-1643
 STS Caverswall - All, 1662-1703
 STSCheadleCheadle - All, 1575-1657
 STSChebseyChebsey - Gen. Reg. 1781-1812
 STSCheckleyCheckley - Bur 1704-1835
 STSChurch EatonChurch Eaton, St Editha, 1538-1812 (All)
 STSClentClent, St Leonard - Parish Register transcript 1561-1837
 STSCodsallCodsall - Gen. Reg. 1587-1699
 STSColwichColwich, St. Michael & All Angels - Gen Reg, 1590-1872
 STSDraycott in the MoorsDraycott in the Moors, St Margaret - Baps, Mar & Burs, 1669-1900
 STSDudleyDudley St Edmund - All, 1540-1646
 STS Dudley St Thomas - All, 1541-1649
 STSEllastoneEllastone, 1708-1812 (All)
 STSFulfordFulford, St Nicholas - Parish Register transcript 1800-1837
 STSGaytonGayton, St Peter - Baps, Mar & Burs, 1593-1900
 STSGratwichGratwich, St Mary - Parish Registers 1680-1900
 STSHanburyHanbury, St Werburgh - Bap, Mar & Bur 1574-1812
 STS Hanbury, St Werburgh - Part 3. Gen Reg, 1813-1900
 STSHanleyHanley - Bur 1807-1809
 STSKingstoneSt John the Baptist - All 1679-1868
 STSKniverKniver Parish Registers - Bap & Bur 1560-1839; Mar 1560-1837
 STSLeekLeek - All, 1695-1730
 STS Leek - Mar 1765-1768
 STSLeighLeigh All Saints - All 1541-1837
 STSLongdonSt James - Baps, Mar & Burs, 1663-1841
 STSMadeleyMadeley, All Saints, 1775-1812 (Baps & Burs)
 STSMaerMaer, St Peter - Parish Registers, 1558-1746
 STSMarchingtonMarchington, St Peter - Bap, Mar & Bur 1609-1900
 STSMavesyn RidwareMavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas - Bap 1538-1837
 STS Mavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas - Bur 1538-1837
 STS Mavesyn Ridware, St Nicholas - Mar 1538-1837
 STSMilwichMilwich - All, 1713-1812
 STSNewboroughNewborough, All Saints - Baps, Mar & Burs, 1601-1900
 STSNewcastle under LymeNewcastle under Lyme - 1744-1745 (extract)
 STSNorburyNorbury, St Peter - Bap, Mar & Bur 1538-1837
 STSNorton in the MoorsNorton in the Moors - Mar 1798-1837
 STSPenkridgePenkridge - All, 1790-1837
 STSPennPenn - All, 1748-1812
 STSQuarnfordQuarnford, St Paul - Baps, Mar & Bur, 1744-1902
 STSRollestonRolleston, St Mary, Parish Registers 1569-1644
 STSRowley RegisRowley Regis, St Giles - Bap 1814-1845
 STS Rowley Regis, St Giles - Bur 1814-1845
 STS Rowley Regis, St Giles - Mar 1814-1845
 STSRugeleyRugeley, St Augustine of Canterbury - General Register, 1722-1854
 STSRushton SpencerRushton Spencer, St Lawrence - Baps, Mar & Burs, 1693-1812
 STSSandonSandon, All Saints - Baps, Mar & Burs 1635-1900
 STSSedgleySedgley - Mar 1781-1812
 STS Sedgley - Nonconformist (several)
 STSShareshillShareshill Parish Register 1564-1837
 STSStaffordStafford St Mary - Mar 1678-1701
 STSStoneStone, St Michael (Part 1) - Gen. Register 1568-1672
 STSSwynnertonSwynnerton, St Mary 1558-1837 (All)
 STSTiptonTipton Nonconformist
 STS Tipton, St Martin - General Register 1736-1812
 STSTrysullTrysull - All, 1558-1772
 STSTutburyTutbury, St Mary - General Register, 1688-1767
 STSWest BromwichWest Bromwich, All Saints - Mar 1795-1837
 STSWolstantonWolstanton - Bur 1640-1837
 WARStratford on AvonHoly Trinity - Bap 1558-1652; Mar 1558-1754; Bur 1558-1623 New Item
 WILSwindonSwindon, Gorse Hill Baptist Church 1904-2004
 WORGreat WitleyGreat Witley, St Michael & All Angels
Bapt. 1538-1874; Marr. 1538-1835; Bur. 1538-1849; Banns 1754-1812
 WRYDarringtonDarrington - Bur 1813-1881
 WRYRotherhamRotherham, All Saints - Bap 1837-1849
 WRY Rotherham - Bur Index (CDROM)
 WRY Rotherham, Eastwood Methodist - Bap 1870-1993
 WRY Rotherham, Wesleyan Circuit - Bap 1811-1863
 YKSAdel, North LeedsSt John the Baptist - Bap, Mar & Bur, 1606-1812 New Item
 YKSWadworth,DoncasterSt John the Baptist - Burial Index 1575-1902

Other County MIs, Church Histories, &c.
 CHNHong KongStanley Military Cemetery, Hong Kong
Names from headstones.
 CHSCompstallCompstall, St Paul (fiche)
 CHSMacclesfieldMacclesfield Christ Church (fiche)
 CHSRainowRainow Methodist (fiche)
 CHS Rainow Pleasance Graveyard (fiche)
 CHSRomileyRomiley Chadwick Old Chapel (fiche)
 CHSTimperleyTimperley Christ Church (fiche)
 ESSWithamWitham, Holy Trinity R.C.
 ESS Witham, Quaker Burial Ground
 ESS Witham, St Nicholas
 ESS Witham, United Reformed Church
 HRTTotteridgeTotteridge (fiche)
 HUNGreat PaxtonGreat Paxton Church Memorial Inscriptions (fiche)
 LEIBreedonBreedon (and Church Guide)
 LEIKirby MuxlowKirby Muxlow (and Church Guide)
 LEIStretton en le FieldStretton en le Field, St Michael
 LNDFinchleyFinchley, Highgate, St Pancras (all fiche)
 NORNarvikBritish War Graves
DARG Newsletter, October 1996.
 NTT Nottinghamshire Memorial Card Index
 NTT Nottinghamshire Memorial Inscriptions Vols. 89/93/97
 NTTAnnesleyAnnesley, Lady Mary's and All Saints
 NTT Annesley Old Church
 NTTJacksdale"Their Tomorrow For Our Today" - Jacksdale War Memorial
 NTTKirkbyKirkby, St Wilfred
 NTTSelstonSelston, St Helen
 NTTSkegbySkegby, St Andrew
 NTTTeversalTeversal, St Katherine
 NTTUnderwoodUnderwood, St Michael
 NTTWestwoodWestwood, St Mary
 SALOakengatesOakengates, Holy Trinity 1855-1978
 STSAltonAlton, St Peter (fiche)
 STSCroxtonCroxton, St Paul (fiche)
 STSDenstoneDenstone, All Saints (fiche)
 STSFazeleyFazeley, St Paul (fiche)
 STSGnosallGnosall, St Lawrence (fiche)
 STSHamstall RidwareHamstall Ridware & Pipe Ridware (fiche)
 STSQuarnfordQuarnford, St Paul (fiche)
 STSRolleston on DoveRolleston on Dove, St Mary (fiche)
 STSSedgleySedgley, All Saints, Gospel End. (fiche)
 STSSheenSheen, St Luke (fiche)
 STSStoke on TrentStoke on Trent, St Peter (fiche)
 STSTamworthTamworth, St Editha (fiche)
 STSWaterfallWaterfall, SS James & Bartholomew (fiche)
 WORDudleyDudley, St Thomas (fiche)
 WORHindlipHindlip Burial Ground (fiche)
 WOR Hindlip, St James (fiche)
 WORLittle WitleyLittle Witley, St Michael (fiche)
 YKSBadsworthBadsworth, St Mary
 YKSHeslertonHeslerton, East & West
 YKSHolme on Spalding MoorHolme on Spalding Moor
 YKSNaffertonNafferton and Wansford

Surnames / Family Trees
  ALLSOP - One-Name Study
  ALLSOP - Family Tree, &c.
  Percy ARGYLE, his life - from Ilkeston in 1905 to Canada
  BAGSHAW Family History
  BAMFORD, William: Notes from Diary 1821-8
  Some History and Records of the BEECH Family
  BENDIGO, The Pride of Nottingham
  BERESFORD of Parwich, Derbyshire and Alstonfield, Staffordshire and area
Other names included: DAKIN of Parwich and Alstonfield; BAGSHAW of Newton Grange; ELLIS of Parwich; CHAMPION of Edale; ROE of Parwich; FLETCHER of Tissington; WRIGHT of Parwich and Derby; GOODWIN of Tissington; MILWARD of Alsop-en-le-Dale.
  BLOOD Family - List of names
  Haworth and The BRONTES
  CAULTON from the Ripley Cemetery Register (1860-1928)
  The Diary of James CLEGG, 1708-55, by Vanessa S. Doe (ed)
the Dissenting Minister of Chapel-en-le-Frith. DARG's Library has all three Volumes.
  COKE family of Trusley and Pinxton
  Decendants of THOMAS CORDERY
  COULSON - Family Tree
  Norton and the CHANTREY Story
Ed: Francis Chantrey, artist and sculptor, was born in Norton, in 1781.
  DAVIS of Alfreton - Family Tree, &c.
  DEPLEGE - Family Tree
  The DOWNING Estate in South Normanton, Somercotes and Fulwood, 1795
  Family history information: ELEY
  Comprehensive History and Records of the ELEY Family
  EYRE of Codnor
  FEARN of Hartington (Extracts from Parish Register 1695-1791)
  FLETCHER of Derbyshire (Research notes)
  FLETCHER of West Hallam
  FROST of Crich & Wirksworth
  GILLOTT of Heanor (Extracts from Parish Register 1719-1812)
  GODBER - List of wills 1611-1943 from the Calendars at Lichfield
  GRAINGER of Heanor (Extracts from Parish Register 1680-1908
  GREAVES of Shirland - Family Tree, &c.
  Joseph HALLAM's Diary - an account of the Boer War
  HANDLEY of Ireland
Some notes from the collection deposited at Derbyshire Record Office.
  HARRISON of Belper, by Jean Wilson
  HILL of South Normanton
  Chatsworth Estate: William HODKIN's Diary, 1864-1866
  HODSON, (Richard) Family
  HOLLOWAY from the Ripley Cemetery Register (1860-1928)
  Joseph HUTSBY's Diary
dealing with his life as a coal pit official at Loscoe from 1841 to 1846.
  KIRK - Family information
  Pinxton - Joseph KNIGHTON's Book
  Descendants of John LITCHFIELD
  Death of Charles Paxton Markham (from Newspaper Cuttings)
  The MARPLE Family History and Family Tree from c.1750, by Robert H. Marple
  MARTIN of Heanor
  MASKERY - One-Name Study
  MASKREY Family Trees. We also have a signifcant number of BMD Certificates New Item
  MASKREY Family in Medieval Nottingham
  MASKREY and SWANSON, Memories, Musings & Mental Meanderings, by Earle Swanson
  MILLINGTON One-Name Study
  Jane MASSIE's Legacy - Denby Free School
  NAYLOR's Bus Co. South Normanton
  PARKIN from the Ripley Cemetery Register (1860-1928)
  PARNHAMS of Somercotes
  PELLS Family - Suffolk
  PETTINER - Family Tree
  RADFORD of Alfreton (Miscellaneous references )
  RAIKES - Pedigree (Printed Book)
  REDFERN - Family Tree, &c.
  RODALPH, Baron von Hube, Vicar of Greasley, 1866-1907
  ROWLAND of Baslow (Extracts from Parish Register 1690-1731)
also list of Rowland wills from the Calendars at Lichfield (1736-1784)
  Edward REVEL's Notebook 1566-1584 (of South Normanton) - Transcript
* The REVELL Family of Carnfield, by C.J. Williams
Note: Carnfield Hall, according to the entry for South Normanton in The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) was the seat of the REVELL family, and its principal residence. At the time the Gazetteer was printed, Thomas RADFORD, Esq., was lord of the manor.
  SHEPLEY - Family Tree, &c.
  SMITH of Denby
  SPARHAM - Family Tree, &c.
  SPARHAM of Heage & various
  George STEPHENSON, by Hunter Davies
Ed: this is, I assume, the railway pioneer and inventor, and a former resident of Tapton House, Chesterfield. He was born in 1781 and died in 1848.
  The STRUTT Family, Belper Benefactors
  Back from the Brink - Captain Percy SILLITOE
  Family history information: UNWIN
  Eugene Di VILLA, by Ztan Zmith
Ed: Eugene was born Alwyn John Rees in London in 1931, but changed his name by Deed Poll in 1959 to Di Villa. He served on Selston Parish Council, representing Underwood from 1981 until his death in December 2010, and was well liked locally. He is buried in St Michael's (Underwood) Churchyard.
  WAGSTAFF - One-Name Study
  WESTON of Denby (Extracts from Parish Register 1639-1763)
  The Courtship Narrative of Leonard WHEATCROFT: Derbyshire Yeoman
  WHYSALL - Family Tree, &c.
  WILLIAMS from the Ripley Cemetery Register (1860-1928)
  WILSON & REVILL - Family Tree
  WOODHOUSE of Heanor & Denby (Extracts from Parish Registers 1717-1890)
  WOOLLEY - Family Tree, &c.
  Joseph WHITWORTH (Darley Dale) - Tool Maker
  The Journal of a Derbyshire Pitman, 1835-1906, by Terry Judge

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